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Our Strategy

Our strategies are built by traders, technologists, engineers, strategists and tacticians who love to challenge and solve problems in cryptocurrency markets. We divided our strategies into main two parts.

First part

Passive management strategy

  • Dynamic rebalancing is the mix of Trigger-Based rebalancing and Calendar-Based rebalancing. Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile. We found the opportunities from both Trigger-based and Calendar-based in different market conditions from our data analysis and implemented both rebalancing methods to trigger our rebalancing model in our portfolio to reduce the difference between the benchmark's return and the portfolio's return.

  • Market making is the second layer of our dynamic rebalancing model. We apply both rebalancing and arbitraging models to our market making model which will provide liquidity across both spots and futures products in cryptocurrency markets.

Second part

Active management strategy

  • Alpha trading models are used for leveraging our portfolio's return while considering comprehensive risk management to make sure that our portfolio does not get liquidated. We diversify risk management by building multi-alpha strategies to apply in derivatives markets. Our alpha models will mainly focus on discretionary trading and long-short strategy to make sure that we do not miss the opportunity from both bull and bear market cycles.

  • Alpha trend-following models are our discretionary long only trading strategy to use in the bull market cycle which will apply in growth cryptocurrency assets from our investment research.

  • Market neutral trading models are our long-short trading strategy and statistical arbitrage which design to apply for both bull and bear markets cycles. 

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