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Junior Quantitative researcher (Internship programme)

We are inviting selected students (BA, MS) from CS, business, finance, engineering to get exposure to the Next Big Thing after the internet. If you are passionate about exponential technologies, love to challenge yourself, then come and join us. Internships are a great way to meet new people, learn about a chosen industry, and discover what your dream job is really like. You will be given tools and an opportunity to observe as well as apply your academic knowledge to practice.


Transis Capital is a Sydney-based quantitative investment management company specialising in cryptocurrency markets. Our quantitative trading models are built based on mathematical function and big data analysis powered by machine learning algorithms to increase the return on portfolio while minimising risk. The current cryptocurrency market is about to enter into the 4th biggest wave in coming years and it will be a good opportunity to learn and capitalise from market cycles.


We have a fantastic opportunity for a curious and energetic intern to be an important part of our core team. This is a 4-12 week, paid internship to begin at the beginning of December 2021. The internship will take place in our Sydney George St office. Ideal candidates are motivated and have a desire to make an impact at a growing firm. Transis Capital gives new junior quantitative researchers and quantitative developers the opportunity to learn from senior members of our development team and apply their knowledge quickly.

Internship benefits

  • Being part of a fast-growing tech/blockchain company.

  • Receive an internship certificate and a letter of recommendation for future job prospects

  • Exposure to crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana & Blockchain Technology

  • Potential employment opportunities

  • Mentoring

  • Work experience

  • Improved soft skills


If you are passionate about quantitative trading, quantitative researching and love to explore the technologies, emerging mega-trends and industries, love to challenge yourself and want to take your skills to the next level, then come and join us.


We are a global community working on the next generation wave of blockchain and decentralised finance (DeFi) solutions. We are building a systematic trading approach to trade across various cryptocurrency assets via FTX and other major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Your Role

You will be working as a junior quantitative researcher (internship programme) at our Sydney office. You will be responsible for researching, making strategies and coding trading strategies for executing the trade in cryptocurrency markets. If you are passionate in quantitative trading, love to challenge yourself, and have problem solving skills this is a great opportunity.

Responsibilities & requirements

  • Researching quantitative trading model

  • Assist with coding to create backtesting trading engine and analyse quantitative trading models as well as improve trading model

  • Apply systematic trading model and risk management strategies into live trading

Qualities that make great candidates

  • Desire to be in a senior role to develop sophisticated trading strategy in cryptocurrency markets

  • An entrepreneurial, hardworking, self-starter with initiative and a desire to keep improving every day

  • Basic programming skills in Python or C++

  • Decisiveness with the ability to process complicated information quickly and accurately under pressure

  • Strong maths skills and able to apply concepts of probability, calculus, linear algebra, optimisation, signal processing, computer architecture and machine learning

  • Actively involved in networking in the crypto trade community via the various social media platforms and actively engages as part of research. This includes platforms such as Telegram, Discord

  • Spends at least 3-5 hours each day researching quantitative trading model and try to apply trading logic into coding and create backtesting module to test the idea

  • Be able  to run a project in a fast paced and work as a team environment

  • Beyond day-to-day assistance with helping the team, you will also gain exposure to other areas of the business such as project management, team collaboration, and interpersonal skills. Other benefits include mentorship in trading, experience working in a team environment, and help to build your network within your industry (we are working closely with the Sydney tech community). Finally, this can boost your chances of being offered a permanent position within our company.​

To Apply, send your LinkedIn profile link or CV to  and state your programming experience (if any) and why you think you will suit this position.


We are looking for passionate individuals with a growth mindset, who want to go an extra mile to make a change in society and not necessarily looking for a ‘9-5 job.

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