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Recruitment process

Online assessment outline

  • All applicants will be involved in a one month live trading with a small account for you to participate from home.

  • Proprietary traders will need to download Quantower trading platform for connecting with FTX exchange which we will provide the instruction for all applicants. 

  • Quantitative developers and quantitative researchers will need to write python code to make the trade and execution via FTX-REST-API which will provide the information and API-key for all applicants to connect with the cryptocurrency exchange.

  • Requirements: Be in the final year or one year graduated from universities.

  • All Proprietary traders will be trained under Mudley Australia Proprietary trading department 


Proprietary trading FAQs

  • Does this job provide a salary? Generally speaking, most proprietary trading firms will pay all traders by way of a generous profit share. Meaning that, all traders will be earned by the profit they generate from trading. Transis Capital will provide training, mentoring, funding account and infrastructure to traders. The percentage of profit sharing and the size of the trading account will be increased as your trading grows.

  • Can I work from home? All juniors will be trained and work at our Sydney office until they turn professional level and will be able to work remotely partly or fully from home.

  • Can I lose money from trading? All the losses will be covered by our proprietary trading department. Traders will not have any liability of losing money from trading. Generally speaking, losing money from trading and investment can happen in all traditional and cryptocurrency markets. All money given to traders is ours. We do not take deposits or allow our traders to be liable for any losses from trading.

  • What markets can I trade? We are currently focusing on building automation technology, trading and investing in the majority in cryptocurrency markets. So, all traders will be traded only in cryptocurrency markets both spot and derivatives products.

  • How to apply? All applicants must be submitted their cover letter and CV or resume to  


We are a global community working on the next generation wave of blockchain and decentralised finance (DeFi) solutions. We are building a systematic trading approach to trade across various cryptocurrency assets via FTX and other major cryptocurrency exchanges.

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