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Embark on an Exceptional Career Path: Join Our Talent Discovery Program

Application Overview and Online Assessment Structure

  • We are excited to invite ambitious, forward-thinking individuals to participate in our month-long Talent Discovery Program. This opportunity allows applicants to engage in live trading from the comfort of their homes, gaining hands-on experience and showcasing their potential.

  • Proprietary Trader Applicants: You will be required to download the Quantower trading platform and connect to the Bybit exchange, following the step-by-step instructions provided. Our team will offer comprehensive guidance to ensure a seamless experience.

  • Quantitative Developer and Researcher Applicants: Your expertise will be demonstrated through writing Python code to facilitate trade execution via the Bybit-REST-API. We will supply the necessary information and API key to enable secure connectivity with the cryptocurrency exchange.

  • Eligibility Criteria:

  • Final-year students or recent graduates (within one year) from recognized universities are encouraged to apply.

  • Successful proprietary trader candidates will receive unparalleled training under the guidance of the esteemed Mudley Australia Proprietary Trading Department, propelling them towards a promising and fulfilling career.

  • Don't miss this unique chance to join our team and shape the future of the financial industry. Apply today and unlock your potential with Transis Capital.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Exclusive Proprietary Trading Prospects

  • How is compensation structured for this position? At Transis Capital, we embrace a philosophy of abundant rewards for our traders. Our enticing compensation framework is predominantly centered around a bountiful profit-sharing scheme, ensuring that your remuneration mirrors the profits you generate through your trading endeavors. We furnish you with comprehensive training, mentorship, trading account funding, and cutting-edge infrastructure to catalyze your success. As your trading acumen flourishes, you can anticipate a boost in both your profit-sharing ratio and trading account capacity.

  • Is remote work feasible? Initially, all aspiring traders will undergo intensive training and work from our Sydney office, cultivating a professional level of expertise. Upon reaching this milestone, you will be granted the flexibility to work remotely, tailored to your preference of either part-time or full-time engagement.

  • Will I be held accountable for any trading losses? Fear not, for our proprietary trading division shoulders the full burden of all losses. We firmly uphold that our traders do not bear any liability for financial setbacks arising from their trading activities. While losses are an inescapable aspect of both traditional and cryptocurrency markets, we underscore that we never necessitate our traders to deposit funds or assume responsibility for trading losses.

  • Which markets will I participate in? Our current endeavors are focused on constructing automation technology and actively trading within the cryptocurrency markets. As a trader, you will immerse yourself in both spot and derivative products exclusive to the cryptocurrency sphere, leveraging esteemed platforms such as Bybit and other prominent cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • How do I embark on this journey? If you possess a fervent passion for joining our global cohort of trailblazers, operating at the vanguard of blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) innovations, we warmly invite you to submit your cover letter and CV or resume to

Embrace the opportunity to become a part of Transis Capital's visionary team, as we employ a methodical trading approach to harness the abundant possibilities unveiled by the ever-evolving realm of cryptocurrency assets.

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